London Sky Garden Review

The first time I went to London, it was 2017 and I was traveling with Greg. While I was looking up places to go, I found the Sky Garden, a large atrium with a garden at the top of a skyscraper. The best part was that this combination of three things I love (city views from skyscrapers and towers, gardens, and tons of windows) was free! Unfortunately though, we didn’t reserve the tickets in time and went to The Shard instead. We still had a great time and I highly recommend it if you don’t get the tickets to the Sky Garden in time.

When I went back to London with Mom in 2019, we (and by that I mean she) got tickets to the Sky Garden right when they became available, so we got to go! It wasn’t exactly what I expected from the photos I had seen online, but it was still great and I was so glad we got to do it. 

What is the Sky Garden?

Like I expected, it was at the top of a skyscraper and there was a large garden with a bar, but from the pictures I had seen online, I thought the garden was going to take up the majority of the area. Instead, there were large gardens on both ends of the space, along with stairs to a higher level and restaurants that can be reserved.  The whole thing was three stories high and the ceiling was open to the very top at each level and had windows on all sides with great views over London.

If you’re interested in a place with a view where you can relax for a little while, I highly recommend it! You can make reservations at its two restaurants or two bars, and there is also a lot of free space that you can just walk up to.

How do I get into the Sky Garden?

There are two things you can do. First, each week’s free tickets become available on Mondays three weeks before that week begins. I suggest booking them quickly if this is what you want to do. You have to choose a time when you schedule it, but we arrived earlier than scheduled and they didn’t seem to mind. The second thing you can do if you miss the advance tickets is try to walk in. This is a little riskier because they may not have space. You can read all about your booking on the Sky Garden’s website

How do I get there?

Right before we went to the Sky Garden, we were at Tower Bridge. Before going over, we ate fish and chips in a touristy area at the entrance to the Tower of London (very close to Tower Bridge), then it was about a 10-minute walk to the Sky Garden. If you’re further away, it’s near the Monument tube station and near the T and W stops on bus route 40. I suggest using Google Maps because it’ll tell you exactly what busses to get on at what times, making it super easy. Cabs and Uber are always another option.

Have you been to the Sky Garden? If so, tell me what you thought of it! It’s a place I’d happily return to.

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